Share your data

Research data
To share data from a single project, we would generally recommend publishing it in your institutional repository and/or on the project website. As always, include a license which defines how people may reuse it.

Datasets relevant at the national level
If your data is likely to be of use to many users in the community, to link to or use as the basis of other datasets, then you may want to register a subdomain to give it a permanent address and URIs.  Please visit the Create a new theme/subdomain page which explains the process to establish a new sub-domain.

Organisational data
This is data about your own organisation. Some Universities share data about their organisation; such as staff, buildings, courses, equipment, services, vacancies, publications, news, events, and so forth.

We recommend you publish your data in ways similar to those of existing services; that will let you reuse some of the tools and techniques.

You should then create a ‘discoverable’ profile document which lets other people find out what you have published and how you are willing to allow people to reuse the data. See below for details.

Organisational Profile Document
To tell us where to find your open data (e.g. equipment, facilities or capabilities), and associated licences etc.  You will need to create an organisation profile document. This is a simple rdf file which describes your organisation and open access documents.

The examples used in this document are all “Turtle” format but rdf+xml is ok too.

You will require a “URI” to refer to your organisation. You can either use your own, or use one from  If you use your own please include a owl:sameAs linking it to the URI for your organisation.  In our examples we use as the URL for your organisation.
# defining prefixes makes our document easier to read an maintain

@prefix skos:    <> .
@prefix owl:     <> .
@prefix dcterms: <> .
@prefix oo:      <> .
@prefix foaf:    <> .
@prefix vcard:   <> .
@prefix dcat:    <> .
@prefix org:     <> .

# Describe this document and state a license
a oo:OrganizationProfileDocument ;
           dcterms:license <> ;
           foaf:primaryTopic <> .

# Some information about the organisation, most of this is optional but the
# prefLabel, logo and sameAs to the learning-provider URI is strongly encouraged.
           a org:FormalOrganization ;
    skos:prefLabel “The University of Example” ;
    skos:hiddenLabel “Example” ;
    skos:hiddenLabel “Example U” ;
    vcard:sortLabel “Example, University of” ;
    vcard:tel <tel:+441234567890> ;
    foaf:logo <> ;
    foaf:homepage <> ;
    owl:sameAs <> ;
    owl:sameAs <> .
# Describe the source of equipment data, what standard it conforms to, and the license.
    oo:organization <> ;
    dcterms:subject <> ;
    dcterms:conformsTo <> ;
    dcterms:license <> .