Resources and logos

We are happy for our logo to be used to publicise related work. The logo should be reproduced accurately whenever possible and not distorted.
The standard logo colours are –

CMYK: 95/82/28/20
RGB: 22/57/102
HEX: #193965

CMYK: 87/61/5/0
RGB: 32/97/162
HEX: #2061A2

Titan Grey
CMYK: 60/51/45/14
RGB: 109/ 110/113
HEX: #6D6E71

CMYK: 90/67/22/7
RGB: 29/83/131
HEX: #1D5383

To download a copy of our logo, please click on the versions required below:


For Web:
JPEG - Black on White
JPEG - Coloured
JPEG - Titan Grey
JPEG - White on Black

For Print:
JPEG - Black on White
JPEG - Original
JPEG - Titan Grey
JPEG- White on Black