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This is a landmark site for academia providing a single point of contact for linked open data development. It not only provides access to the know-how and tools to discuss and create linked data and data aggregation sites, but also enables access to, and the creation of, large aggregated data sets providing powerful and flexible collections of information.
Here at Data.ac.uk we’re working to inform national standards and assist in the development of national data aggregation subdomains.

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Equipment.data allows users to search for research equipment and facilities that are available from UK HE institutions.

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We are all part of the constantly evolving open data agenda and its emerging culture. Data.ac.uk aims to bring together the higher education community and the wealth of data it has access to, and encourage that community to share, utilise, update, grow and generate demand for open data.

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The demand for open data is growing; this has been in part since the announcement in the Chancellor's autumn statement in 2011 of the establishment of the Open Data Institute (ODI). The ODI opened in December 2012 with the key aim of creating value from open data, be it social, economic or environmental.


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Open data is now being talked about and exploited more widely with a number of developments building on the early success of data.gov.uk, such as RCUK’s Gateway to Research and the launch of the Open Data Institute (ODI).

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February 2015

What should the university-centric data.ac.uk site be? It’s still a matter of debate, but in the meantime, Chris Gutteridge from the University of Southampton has it up and running while that’s resolved.